Our Governors

As a federation we have a single governing body covering six schools, with an individual school committee for each school. One of the underpinning principles of the Primary Advantage Federation is to ‘promote a collaborative approach whilst developing the capacity of each school to serve its own community and retain its distinct identity.’ The structure of the current Governing Body ensures decisions can be made at school committee level and the school committees can closely monitor the work in their school.

Annual Governance Statement

It is also good practice for the board to publish an annual governance statement to explain how it has fulfilled its responsibilities – particularly in relation to its core functions. To view our Annual Governance Statment for 2015-16, please click here.

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Name Role
Louis Coiffait Chair of Federated Governing Body
Sian Davies Executive Principal
Gwen Gutzmore LDBS
Hetti Afolami Foundation
Ed Ashcroft Parent
Donna Thomas LA
Christine Leshommes Parent
Anna Case Staff
Arnette Frederick PCC
Maritua Sidique Parent
Father David Lambert Foundation
Janet Ashdown Foundation
Akello Umurhohwo Parent
Rev'd Graham Hunter Foundation
Heather Rockhold Foundation community


What is a Federation?

A federation is a group of two or more schools that have made a formal commitment to work together under a single governing body. This enables the schools in the federation to:

  • work together efficiently and sustainably to raise standards,
  • improve services and increase opportunities for pupils and staff; and
  • share resources, staff, expertise and facilities.

The legislation that allows schools to federate is set out in regulations made under sections 24 and 25 of the Education Act 2002. The decision to create or join a federation is usually taken by governors, although in some circumstances the local authority can require schools to federate. In recent years, it has become increasingly common for schools to work together in a federation. Some of the other federations in Hackney are:

  • The Horizon and Downsview Federation, which is made up of two special schools
  • The Federation of Grazebrook and Shacklewell Primary Schools which have two schools across the borough.
  • The federation of Orchard and Southwold Schools which have two schools as a Federation and a partnership school.

The benefits of federation

Working together in a federation brings important benefits to Primary Advantage. It means the schools are able to:

  • Share the knowledge , expertise and ideas of individual members of staff
  • Negotiate discounts and deals with suppliers because we are buying for all six schools instead of just one
  • Provide staff with excellent training and development opportunities within our federation such as:
    • Assesstival (a Festival of Assessment, an INSET day centred around Assessment and Deep Learning.)
    • Working with other teachers across all schools

Leadership of our Federation

The Leadership

All of our schools share the same governing body and Executive Principal, while each school has it’s own Headteacher. 

While the Primary Advantage Schools work together very closely, they continue to be separate schools. This means that:

  • Each school has its own name, identity, logo and uniform.
  • Pupils stay at the same school site for all their lessons.
  • Hackney Learning Trust considers each school separately when they are processing applications for school places.
  • Ofsted carry out separate inspections of each school.
  • The Department for Education publish separate entries for each school in the performance tables on their website. 


Proposal to consult on the Federation of Primary Advantage Federation with Gainsborough and De Beauvoir Primary Schools

Consultation period: 7th September to 19th October 2016

What is this proposal about? The Governing Bodies of the Primary Advantage Federation, Gainsborough and De Beauvoir Primary School have decided to consult with staff, parents, and carers on a proposal to expand the Federation to include Gainsborough and De Beauvoir Primary Schools.

The Primary Advantage Federation currently consists of six schools: Holy Trinity CE Primary School, St John & St James' CE Primary School, Springfield Community Primary School, St Matthias CE Primary School, St John the Baptist CE Primary School and Morningside Primary School. For more information about the Consultation, please click here.

​Contact Details

The Chair of the Federated Governing Body, Louis Coiffait can be contacted in writing or email at the following address:


Chair of the Federated Governing Body,
Primary Advantage c/o Holy Trinity CE Primary School

C/O Holy Trinity Primary School
Beechwood Road
E8 3DY

Tel: 020 7254 1010