Hackney NQT Programme 

The success of the Primary Advantage NQT programme has lead to the programme being  brokered by The Hackney Learning Trust. Leaders from across the Federation facilitate training to NQTs from across the borough and beyond. This is an exciting model that has been well received by both schools and NQTs. It is now in it's fifth year of delivery. 

‘The session leaders are outstanding. The support they give to these trainees, who are at an early stage of their careers is exemplary.  The impact can be seen through the confidence and skills these trainees possess.’

Hackney Learning Trust Primary induction package offers NQTs access to a comprehensive and tailored programme of training and support throughout their first year of teaching. The programme consists of eighteen, half day taught sessions and one full day taught session and fourteen half-day focussed visits to schools. Each half day taught session uses experiential learning to unpick an aspect of practice. Taught session topics range from behaviour management to sessions focussed on maths and reading.

Most taught session are followed by a half-day session the following week where NQTs visit each other’s schools in ‘Learning Triads’. This gives the NQTs the opportunity to visit other schools, to observe lead practitioners and to share, observe and analyse each other’s practice. The ‘Learning Triad’ members change each half-term to enable NQTs to see a wide range of practice.

The programme has been tailored to meet the needs of NQTs and reflects their priorities for each term during the year. A whole day’s safeguarding training is also included in the programme.

The taught sessions take place at The Tomlinson Centre. NQTs will attend every session throughout the year and will be part of either the Thursday or Friday cohort. 

This is a comprehensive full year programme that has been subsidised for all by Hackney Learning Trust. Primary Advantage deliver this training on behalf of Hackney Learning Trust.

For details of all sessions, including dates and times and how to book please click here to see the NQT trianing brochure 

All current NQTs and NQT mentors have access to our portal. Here you will find a bank of resources and training materials. Click on the portal to login.