'How to' Workshops

How to… workshop: How to address errors and misconceptions in Mathematics

Cost: £145 (half price for PA member schools)

This course supports participants understanding of how to use misconceptions to effectively plan for
progression in maths learning. Participants will explore errors and misconceptions across the different strands
and look at using these as a starting place for learning. This session will also support teacher subject knowledge,
providing opportunities to reflect on how to scaffold and challenge learning.


• To improve knowledge and understanding of common misconceptions

• To reflect on the nature and causes of learners’ mistakes and misconceptions

• To consider ways in which we might use these errors constructively to promote learning

• To consider how misconceptions can make a positive contribution to deepening pupils understanding


Monday 4th December 2017, 13:00-16:00


How to… workshop: How to use a bar model 

Cost: £145 (half price for PA Maths member schools)

This session is for teachers across key stages wanting to further their understanding and skill when using the bar model to support the teaching and learning of maths. Originating in Singapore, the bar model is a pictorial representation that supports pupils to problem solve. This is a useful addition to our toolkits and provides key approaches for the modelling of this strategy. The session introduces participants to the idea of the bar model and its application within the classroom.

• To develop an understanding of the value of the bar model
• To increase confidence around the modelling of this as a tool for learning
• To know how to use the bar model to support children with problem solving
• To use concrete resources and ICT tools to support pupils understanding of the bar model
• To consider the use of the bar model when enabling children to access tricky word problems


Friday 12th January 2018, 13:00-16:00

How to… workshop: How to plan for reasoning and problem solving

Cost: £145 (half price for PA Maths member schools)

This course develops participants’ understanding of reasoning and problem solving as two key themes of the new national curriculum. Participants will look in greater depth at the problem solving skills of trial and improvement, working systematically, pattern spotting, working backwards, reasoning logically, visualising and conjecturing. The course will look at a range of problem solving
opportunities across the curriculum and share a range of resources for use across the key stages.

• To consider who to weave problem solving and reasoning in to all aspects of teaching maths
• To reflect on the skills and attributes required to engage in effective problem solving
• To look at the development of mathematical meaning through problem solving and reasoning
• To encourage all to put problem solving at the heart of maths learning

Wednesday 7th February 2018, 13:00-16:00


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