The Fundamentals model

The Fundamentals have been developed to embody the core principles set out by the DfE and provide a model that can equip schools to successfully assess children beyond levels and record progress from the Reception baseline to Year 6. The fundamentals are based upon the National Curriculum statutory outcomes for Year 2, 4, 6 and advised outcomes for 1, 3, 5. Therefore in each year and core subject there is a clear assessment criteria. 

There is an individual tracking tool for reading, writing and maths which enables teachers and leaders to track progress from Year 1 to Year 6. In each subject and in each year there are a set of clear objectives that a child must learn to be ready to access the next year of study. Further, the objectives have been deliberately presented within circles to highlight the cycles of learning and move away from a purely linear view of learning and progression. Our mastery model is based upon consolidation, revisiting and expansion of skills and knowledge.

With the exception of children with complex SEND needs, it is our ambition and belief that all children should achieve all of the objectives within each year and subject: therefore securing the fundamentals. 

The Primary Fundamentals online tracking tool

Primary Advantage have commissioned the building of an online tracker that includes the features offered by commercial providers. It is designed directly in line with our Fundamentals approach to assessment and as a result is built on strong pedagogical foundations.  We are inviting schools to take part in a pilot programme for one year which gives schools the tracker at no cost, with subsidised costs for CPD and online support. After one year, schools can choose to subscribe to the annual primary fundamentals membership.

  • Track attainment and progress of pupils within year groups and across key stages
  • Set targets for all pupils
  • Assess against end of year objectives
  • Track against end of year expectations using a secure fit approach
  • Analyse the % of children who are on track, not on track and on track for greater depth
  • Conduct a detailed gap analysis for each core subject area
  • Close the gap through the tracking of PPG, SEND, Gender and groups specific to your school context
  • Generate data walls and key attainment graphs automatically using data analysis and reporting tools
  • Access Multi– school tracker feature– to compare data across groups of schools across Partnerships, Federations or Trusts

Data Wall 1


Pupil Overview


On Track graph


Heat map


Score Distribution graph


To find out how to become a pilot school email:



Primary Fundamentals Tracker: Using the Online Tool

Cost: £145 per person (one free place for Tracker Schools)

The Primary Fundamentals Tracker is a comprehensive online tracking tool. This session will look more closely at how the Primary Fundamentals tracker will support teachers and leaders to enter pupil information, identify strengths and gaps in learning, set targets, plan for interventions and map the progress and attainment of key groups of children. 

This tool has been designed in line with The Fundamentals approach to assessment.

This session is for class teachers and school leaders to develop their skills using the online tool.

It is advised that practitioners attending the ‘Using the Online Tool’ session bring a laptop with them.

Aims and Principles of The Fundamentals

Cost: £145 per person 

Primary Advantage has designed a model for assessment that has been rolled out across schools within Hackney.

The model is in line with the Assessment commission report on assessment without levels and allows schools to show recordable measures of both attainment and progress for all learners. It is based on the premise of ‘no
learning left behind’ and ensures all teachers, parents and children are clear about what children’s strengths and areas for development are. 

This session focuses on the aims and principles of The Fundamentals model. It is an introductory session for new staff within schools already using this approach and for all staff within schools that are looking to embed the model. The session looks closely at the roles of both formative and summative assessment and reflects on the journey to create a system of assessment without levels. It also reflects on the current climate for assessment and how we are preparing our pupils for what lies ahead. This session will look at the theory behind the model and how to use it both in the classroom and for reporting

Tue May 2018

Primary Fundamentals: Using the Online Tracker

09:00 - 12:00

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