EYFS Workshops: PA Maths in the Early Years

We have a broad range of EYFS-specific workshops within the PA Maths programme to choose from this year. We understand the importance of building solid foundations in the EYFS and these sessions are designed to offer innovative strategies that can be directly used in the EYFS setting.

PA Maths Membership can include two places on one of the EYFS PA Maths Workshops if Option B is chosen when you subscribe.

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For details of course dates, times, locations and to book please see the links at the bottom of the page.

Tue Feb 2019

PA Maths EYFS: Maths Outdoors & Maths in Stories and Shape Fun

13:00 - 16:00

In this session we will be exploring maths in the great outdoors. We will explore key concepts and how the provision within the outdoor areas of an EYFS setting can support mathematical development. Mathematics outdoors in the early years is fun and exciting; children can explore, actively learn and critically think about different contexts. We also explore the use of the natural environment and how we can apply key number concept and mathematical language.

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