PA Maths Bespoke Training

We are able to offer a number of bespoke products for our PA Maths member schools in order to suit the specific needs of your school along its journey to implement and sustain the impact of the PA Maths Programme including:-

INSET Training (full-day or half-day) andStaff Meetingsour Leaders of Learning can deliver any of our training to your whole school staff on site. For example we can offer training on the PA Maths Programme, The Use of CPA, Bar Modelling, Utilising Intelligent Practice and Variation, Mastery Lesson Design, and more. We can also design bespoke training to suit your school's specific needs.

Surgery Days- we have run a number of successful surgeries for our member schools providing class teachers with an opportunity to speak with our Leaders of Learning to iron out any areas of delivering the PA Maths Programme that might be tricky, or areas that pupils are finding harder to master.  We meet with teachers either 1:1 or in year group teams and spend time with them constructing ideas for improving practice.

Implementation Days- our Leaders of Learning visit your school for either a half day or a full day, whichever best meets the needs of your school, and we can carry out book reviews alongside your maths leader, as well as learning walks to see maths teaching in action, allowing us to provide you with structured next steps for further development of the subject.  

Please contact us for more details about our school to school support options for Maths, other areas of the curriculum and leadership. We have an experienced team of NLEs and SLEs who would be happy to work with you. 

A guide to prices for 2019/20 are -

•  INSET Training (full-day) £1000*

•  INSET Training (half-day) £500*

•  Staff Meeting £300*

•  Maths Leadership Review Days, Surgery Days, Implementation Days (price on application)

*Prices are for a single school training, London based, up to 30 participants. If you are from a school outside London or would like to organise a training for multiple schools and/or over 30 participants please enquire for a quote.

For more information please email or call 0207 254 1010 ext 5