Assessment for Learning

This programme was designed to introduce, develop, establish and embed Assessment For Learning in schools. It is a whole school approach to AFL whereby everyone plays a part and everyone is involved.

The main elements of AFL have been broken down into 6 areas that will be introduced to school in a chronological sequence in order for the teachers to build and develop thier use of AFL in the classroom and eventually produce a whole school approach and policy for AFL.

There are two strands to this programme:

Structure of the 6 day AFL programme:

  • Conditions for learning
  • Learning intentions and success criteria
  • Questioning
  • Marking and feedback
  • Peer and self assessment
  • Regulating learning

AFL for Classroom Practitioners

This Assessment for learning practitioners programme looks at developing AfL in the classroom.  It is ideal for teachers who are starting their second year of teaching and who need some further training / support to embed their practice.  Teachers are given guidance on best practice in assessment for learning in a sequential six part programme.  Teachers are expected to return each session with evidence of good AfL practice and to regularly review, self-assess and plan their next steps.  This course also enables teachers to observe best practice- spending part of each session in the classroom. 

Venue: Springfield Community Primary School

Dates: For dates please see AFL1 on the calendar. 

Cost: £1000 

To book this six day course please contact: Gaynor Hudson.

AFL for Leaders

The Assessment for Learning Leaders’ Programme is an advanced programme to develop the leadership of AfL in schools.  AfL leaders are encouraged to model good practice, lead training and to coach and mentor colleagues in order to raise the profile of AfL in schools.  Participants should be good or better teachers.  It is recommended that schools send two practitioners who can work together to lead the development of AfL within the school.

Venue: St John and St James 

Dates: For dates please see AFL2 on the calendar. 

Cost: £1000

To book this six day course please contact: Gaynor Hudson.