Our approach to R&D

Our vision sees R&D at the heart of school improvement. We have worked hard to establish R&D opportunities that have become embedded within the practice of our schools. R&D is an integral part of our ongoing dialogue around improving teaching and learning and is a key strand rather than an ‘add on’.

Currently we have half termly TLCs ‘teacher learning communities’ that take place across our alliance and see the sharing of practice based on research. This is led by the teachers and is relevant to their context.

We also have an improving teaching and learning programme that sees teachers enhancing practice in their own classroom through action research. This is in the context of a day every half term.

We have a range of research projects taking place across our schools, currently involved in a number of EEF research projects from professional learning communities to 1:1 maths tuition.

Each of our schools has an R&D ‘champion’, who contributes to this element of the teaching school’s agenda. In addition, we are keen that all members of staff, at all levels, engage with R&D.